Stay Breezy In a 2016 Dodge Dart: 4 Ways to Keep Your Car Cool This Summer – Lexington, KY

The dog days of summer in Lexington look promising, until you see that humidity level.

A high of 86 degrees sounds great, compared to, say, the 110-degree days that have been seen in Las Vegas, lately. But that three-digit number is meaningless when you add in the 95-percent humidity level that’s happening in the Bluegrass State.

With the humidity as high as it is, keeping your car cool during these summer days are still a necessity. This is most important especially if you’re one of those that just purchased a new 2016 Dodge Dart in Lexington. There’s a lot of buzz surrounding the Dart this year. It has a more sleek look than years past and it’s great.

Considering your Lexington area Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram store just began showing these lovely vehicles off, the number of folks tired of their old, extra toasty cars has skyrocketed. They need something cool… inside and out!

If you’re one of these people and happen to be riding around in the sharp interior of a 2016 Dodge Dart, then you’re in luck. Here are ways to keep your car cool this summer and, should it be an Indian Summer, well into fall:

Let Some Air In

If the humidity levels continue to remain this absurd, then cautiously keep your windows cracked open to prevent any moisture or traces of pollen from getting to your car seats. The 2016 Dodge Dart features terrific power windows that will get your windows at the desirable level and back up in a cinch once you’re ready to use the air conditioning system (more on that to come). Getting even the slightest amount of outside air into your car should somewhat offset the hot temperature inside your car and prevent any serious humidity-related damage.

Park In the Shade

This works in two ways. Parking in the shade will keep your car cool by default. Getting it away from the sun nearly ensures that your car will be lukewarm compared to boiling hot. Keep this in mind, though: The 2016 Dodge Dart has a great air conditioning system that’ll be ready to go once you leave. The hot sun won’t get to your air conditioning, which will make your drive home that much more enjoyable and refreshing.

Use a Sunshade

Another tip that works two-fold. Keeping the 2016 Dodge Dart protected from the sun is important, but how annoyed do you get when you see dust scattered all over the dash of your car? That’s how the sunshade does double-duty. It keeps that 2016 Dodge Dart looking brand new and dust-free while blocking out the hot rays!

Buy a Solar-Powered Fan

You can get one on Amazon for about $10, but these are actually handy. While the AC system acts quickly and gets the Dart chilly in a jiffy, this solar-powered fan could be great for those few moments it takes to get to an ideal level of freezing. Anything to make the interior less muggy, right? If you’re interested in one, click on this link.


The new 2016 Dodge Dart release date wasn’t long ago, so isn’t being sold everywhere just yet. You can, however, get yours at Glenn’s Freedom Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram this summer. Keep your new ride cool and looking good this summer, and you’ll be as golden as the leaves that’ll be falling before we know it!