It’s Twister Season! How to Handle an Unexpected Tornado While Driving – Lexington, KY

Here in Lexington, Kentucky, we’re right in Dixie Alley.  This means that tornado season is gearing up, and we here at Glenn’s Freedom CDJR are starting to batten down the hatches!  If you’re a longtime Kentucky resident, then you know this is just standard procedure, but if you’ve ever been caught in one, it can be truly terrifying.  Here are some tips on what to do if you find yourself in the path of an oncoming tornado while driving:

Don’t Try to Outrun It
Tornadoes don’t have to follow the road, and they have the potential to reach speeds of over 60 mph.  If you see on in your rear view mirror, chances are good it will catch you if you decide to simply stay the course and just drive faster.  If you have to keep driving, try to drive at 90-degree angle away from it. Tornadoes generally don’t backtrack.

Get Out Of Your Car
You don’t want to be in your car when a tornado hits.  If possible, pull over and evacuate!  Seek shelter in the nearest sturdy building or storm shelter, and if there’s none available, find a ditch or low-lying area, crouch down, and cover your head with your arms. Please don’t try to hide under your car, a tornado is able to lift it up and toss it around like a toy. If you were under the car, you’ll get pulled up too, and we really don’t want you to go through that!

Stay Away From Underpasses
Movies like to show people successfully hiding beneath an underpass, and usually in a car, when a tornado is coming. This is one myth we’re busting. Winds from a tornado can accelerate through the small places of an underpass, which then creates the potential for the underpass to collapse, or your vehicle to be blown away. While being sucked into a tornado is awful, having an entire underpass fall on you seems worse.

At Glenn’s Freedom Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram, we love Kentucky, but you need to play it smart here in Dixie Alley.  We hope that if a tornado ever heads your way, you’ll remember these important safety tips and hightail it away from that mess!