Texting Can Wait: Don’t Let Your Mobile Phone Ruin Your Commute – Lexington, KY 

You’re a busy person. Trust me, I know. Whether it’s sports updates, texts from significant others about picking up groceries, e-mails from work, traffic updates, weather updates, updates about the new updates that need updating, the list goes on and on. But texting can wait. So can everything else. Don’t let your mobile phone ruin your commute. When you get inside your car and get ready to fire up the engine you need silence, awareness and focus.

Here’s a few reasons why we should concentrate on driving while we’re, well, driving, as well as alternatives to some bad habits that you (and I) may currently have.

Accidents Are No Fun

Nothing ruins a day like a fender bender, or worse, a serious accident that does serious damage. As you begin to get more and more comfortable with using your mobile device while driving, you begin to take ever more risks. One text turns into a full blown conversation. One quick glance at ESPN’s home page and now you’re perusing through the newest NFL injury report. Just remember, you’re less likely to get into a wreck if you’re paying attention at all times.

  • A 2014 Insurance Institute for Highway Safety study examined trips made by 105 drivers and found the risk of a crash or near crash was 17 percent higher when the driver was interacting with a cellphone.
  • Yet it also found that evidence was mixed or inconclusive on whether bans on hand-held phone use and texting reduced crashes.
  • Kentucky State Police figures show that of nearly 146,000 crashes in 2013, only 1,040 involved reported cellphone use as a contributing factor. But police say it’s a vastly underreported factor, since few admit they were texting once police show up after a wreck.

It’s Illegal, Sort Of

While it is not against the law to talk on your cell phone while driving in the state of Kentucky, it is illegal to text. Drivers under the age of 18 are not allowed to use their mobile devices in any way while operating a motor vehicle, according to the DMV. The fines for texting while driving amount to hardly more than a parking ticket, and often will be dismissed entirely as it is quite difficult to prove in court that you were actually texting and not performing a legal action on your phone.

Your Brain Could Use a Break

Use your drive time to rest your mind, and perhaps learn something. Your brain has been going full speed since you woke up, allow yourself to relax for a few minutes.

  • Play an audio book while you drive, perhaps an autobiography of a great person in your field, or something purely motivational, like “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill.
  • Enjoy your car. This helps if it’s a fun car to drive, like the 2015 Dodge Charger. Really pay attention to the act of driving. While racing is not encouraged, it’s okay to have some fun with the paddle shifters. The 6.2-liter HEMI SRT Hellcat V8 high-performance engine pushes 707 horsepower. Yeah, that e-mail about customer satisfaction policies can remain unread for ten minutes. You’re busy.

When you begin to treat travel time in a new way, as a place for “me-time”, driving becomes an enjoyable opportunity to escape the daily grind. Start looking at your commute less like this:


And more like this:

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