Re-Think the “No Food In the Car” Rule with These 4 On-the-Go Snacks That Are Mess-Free! – Lexington, KY

After my second son was born, my husband and I decided we needed a family car. So of course, we got a minivan.  It was actually a pretty great ride, but after a couple of years it was so trashed on the inside with food crumbs, drink spills, random diaper bag things and receipts that we had to get rid of it.  We’re thinking of heading down to Glenn’s Freedom CDJR to take a look at the 2015 Grand Caravan soon, because even though the boys are older, we still need the room!  A new car is an investment, though, and I’m sorely tempted to enact a no-food rule in the Caravan.  Considering the amount of driving we do; commuting, road trips, soccer games and Holiday trips, it seemed a bit draconian.  I did some research, and I’m happy to say that I’ve finally found a few no-mess snacks that can be taken along for the ride and won’t leave a big mess behind! For kids and adults alike, check out these mess-free, on-the-go snacks:

Snack Pouches

I’m not entirely sure what the term would be other than snack pouch, but they’ve come up with these great single serve pouches that I first noticed for baby food, but now come with yogurt, smoothies, and applesauce for older kids and adults.  You can just unscrew the top and squeeze out the contents directly into your mouth – no spoons needed, no mess made! When you’re done, put the cap back on and toss it in the recycle bin when you get to your destination.

Chewy Granola Bars

The key word here is ‘chewy.’ A regular granola bar will crumble all over the seats and floor, leaving a huge mess, but a chewy granola bar is much softer and not prone to crumbling.  They are sticky, so it’s best to use the wrapper to hold it while you eat, otherwise you may inadvertently get sticky stuff all over the interior.

Fruit Snacks

Like gummy bears, but healthy.  Some companies make fruit chews in an assortment of fruit flavors that kids will enjoy, as will adults.  They’re small like gummy bears, so it’s best to keep them in a plastic zip pouch for the ride.

Fruit Leathers

Made with natural fruit juices and purees, a fruit leather is a puree that’s been poured flat and dried or baked so it forms a leather-like strip that kids love to roll up and chew on.  There’s a ton of all-natural healthy choices in the stores, or you can always make your own.

I hope these snack ideas have helped, I know they’ve improved the cleanliness of my car big time!  If you haven’t seen the 2015 Grand Caravan yet, head down to Glenn’s Freedom CDJR and take one for a test drive.  I bet they’ll let you eat your snack while you’re there!