Give a Pup a Ride to a Forever Home: Lexington Humane Society Mobile Adoption Unit Rescue Dogs Will Be At Our Store! – Lexington, KY


There are a lot of random statistics and facts out there that I think are rather bogus. You know, stuff like “employees who use green pencils are 63% more likely to eat Taco Bell on their lunch hour at least twice a month” or “27% of people who believe the chicken came before the egg report having a better relationship with their accountant.” To the people who have enough time on their hands to carefully examine the behaviors of their sample subjects to create such thorough analyses, I commend your commitment. But to the folks who’ve produced valuable facts from studies that are profound, meaningful and incredibly insightful, I raise my glass to you and thank you for reaffirming that rescuing my beloved baby (my pet) has made an amazing impact on both of our lives. Observe the following regarding the benefits of adopting a dog:

  • You won’t get sick as often. Having Fido in the house means more bacteria gets inside and helps build your immunity to nasty, illness-causing germs.
  • Your kids will be less likely to develop allergies. Growing up with a pooch makes kiddos more resistant to the hair and dander that can cause sneezing, sniffles, hives and all the other not-so-fun stuff that comes along with allergies.
  • You’ll be happier. Dog owners are less likely to suffer from depression. Just looking at your fur baby increases the amount of oxytocin (that chemical that makes us feel good) in the brain.
  • You’ll have better heart health. All you have to do is stroke a pup’s fuzz to lower those blood pressure levels and your heart rate. Behold, the power of petting! It’s also been suggested that pet owners put up slightly lower cholesterol numbers and are more likely to survive a potentially fatal heart attack.
  • You’ll exercise more. Long walks on the leash. Repetitive tennis ball tossing. You and Buster are both getting in a workout without hitting the gym. Get swole!
  • You’ll have a more active social life. Believe me on this one. While I am only mother to a feline at the moment, I haven’t made any friends in my ‘hood. Why? I don’t have a dog. I just can’t go up and try to connect with a member of the dog walking crew when the only thing I’m walking is walking off that Panda Express I ate last night. Another tidbit: Polls show that people are more likely to trust those who have dogs. (Another personal anecdote for your reading pleasure.) The last time my mother visited, we needed a mega ladder to replace an outdoor lightbulb. So I thought ‘sweet, I need to go spend like $200 on a ladder that won’t even fit in my Camaro at Home Depot now’ and sulked inside. I came back out a few minutes later, though, and THE MEGA LADDER HAD MIRACULOUSLY APPEARED. After confirming my mother was not a witch or a genie who specializes in making items appear out of thin air, I asked how she procured this magical ladder. She said the following: “I waited outside until I saw someone walking a dog because they’d be approachable and friendly, therefore they might lend their ladder.” TRUE STORY, MY FRIENDS. And we probably don’t need to go over how having a pup can increase your odds of finding that special someone. We’ve all seen Must Love Dogs, right?
  • You might have your life saved. Many dogs can smell cancer in the human body. Their noses are so intuitive that many pooches are trained to detect cancer. And they can do it in as little as three hours. THREE HOURS!

See, these facts demonstrate how your life can drastically improve by being a dog owner. And if you think it’s just your life that’ll drastically improve, imagine how much it’ll change the life of the one wagging the tail. Hopefully, these facts made you pawse and realize the difference you’ll make as a pet mother or father. So, won’t you consider giving a pup (or two!) a ride home from your heartwarming Lexington Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram store this Saturday? We’re hosting many Lexington Humane Society Mobile Adoption Unit rescue dogs who truly deserve a loving forever home, and that home could be yours.

I’m no genius or scientist, but there’s one statistic of my own I firmly believe to be 100% accurate: “Without a pet, a house is simply a house. With a pet, a house is truly a home.” Check the facts on this wonderful dog adoption opportunity at Glenn’s Freedom Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram in Lexington below: