You Have Two Days to Buy Our 3 Favorite Car-Related Mother’s Day Gifts! – Lexington, KY

No matter what kind of family you have, you have a mom, or you are a mom or you’re married to a mom. There’s no getting out of Mother’s Day for you, and you only have two days left to hunt down that perfect Mother’s Day gift for her. Forget about the little heart pendant that says #1 Mom, as that was only good for one year. And please, no more bracelets or coffee mugs that say “World’s Greatest Mom.” This year, it’s all about the car! Whoa, whoa, slow down…I’m not going to suggest you go to Glenn’s Freedom CDJR to buy her a new one…I simply meant get a gift for her car! Think about it: Mom is the one who drives to soccer games, grocery stores, school, and after school activities. Half of her waking time is spent in her car! Show her you understand and appreciate how much she does for the family by getting her something she can really use in the one place she’s at the most often.

You can start her Mother’s Day off right by giving her ride a good wash and detail, followed up with one of these great car related presents that are sure to turn her drive into less of a chore and more of a party!

CarCheckup: A Handy Gadget That Keeps Track of Your Car

When you drive as often as mom does, you don’t have time to check under the hood very often to look for potential problems. This neat little doo-dad does it for you! “Once CarCheckup is connected to the OBDII port (mandated on all cars made after 1996) it records information about the vehicle’s operation. Then, drivers can plug CarCheckup into their computer with the built-in USB arm, log into their personal account on and easily upload the information. It will show miles driven, time spent in various speed bands, maximum speed, trip start and stop times, extreme acceleration/breaking and present and pending “check engine light” code problems.” Ummm, thank you, handy little mechanic in a pocket!

New Floor Mats

Okay, I know you think this is boring. But, believe me…it’s not.  I have two young sons who somehow manage to drop every single snack I’ve given them onto the floor of my car.  I’m not even going to get into the milkshake ‘incident’ from six months ago. Terrible. My floor mats are TRASHED, and I’d welcome a new, not smelly set for my mom-mobile any day!

Severe Weather Road Kit

There’s something about safety and road kits that always means they’re not in the car, where they should be. The bad thing about that is that when you need them, you really need them, and who wants to see mom stuck on the side of a road somewhere? No one. While this is a more pragmatic gift than many, there’s nothing more loving than making sure mom will be okay even if she gets stuck in a storm. Well done, you!


Even though there are only three listed, any one of these car-related Mother’s Day gifts are sure to please. You only have two days left, so you better get to it! If you DID want to get your mom a new car for Mother’s Day, I suggest heading down to Glenn’s Freedom CDJR  and taking a look at the 2015 Dodge Journey. Tough and dependable, just like mom!