Places To Go, People To See: 3 Car Organization Products For Your Busy Life – Lexington, KY

When I worked in a big company, I was salaried so it meant overtime when big projects were due. As a result, my car was jam-packed with changes of clothes, cosmetics, snacks, and anything else I could think of so I was ready for any event.  Now that I work for myself, I’m actually busier than ever and so my car is still jam-packed. Changes of clothes, cosmetics, snacks, day-planners – you name it!  Glenn’s Freedom CDJR wants you to know they understand this pain well, and they wanted to share this list of car organization products and tips to make your day easier.  I was there the other day and I saw the nicest looking 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee. That vehicle would have made hauling my gym back around way easier than my sedan, for sure!  Without further delay, here are their top picks to make your day a breeze:

BioSense® Mini Lumbar

mini lumbarDriving to work, then sitting in a meeting, and then driving to a client, then sitting in another meeting.  I’ve had these days, and my back pays for it, big time!  This mini lumbar pillow helps ease discomfort and pressure. “BioSense® Mini Lumbar is perfectly shaped to support the natural curve of your lower back.”


Handpresso Auto Espresso Machine

handspressoThis is the most brilliant invention ever. It’s literally a tiny espresso machine that you plug into your car lighter, and blammo, fresh espresso while you wait in traffic.  I will never fear gridlock again.



CarGo Desk

CarGo deskIf you’ve ever worked overtime, or worked for yourself, you will love everything about this portable desk.  It’s a desk you put in your passenger seat, and it includes storage, a file organizer, power source, cell phone charger and slide out extension for your laptop.  No more hunkering down in Starbucks trying to catch up on your work.  You can grab your coffee and hang out in the parking lot for a few minutes to catch up on calls and emails without being distracted by chatting baristas or terrible music.  After my first son was born, I would be driving and he’d fall asleep in the back when I was on my way to a meeting.  I would literally pull over and try to juggle my laptop and phone while sitting in the passenger seat while he slept in the backseat.  I would have bought this in a second if I’d known about it back then!


It’s a great time to take charge of you work/life balance, and these are just three of the cool products that can make your Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, or Ram work just as hard as you do! Stop by Glenn’s Freedom CDJR today and see what they have in stock that would best fit your busy, professional lifestyle!