Buying 101: Best Ways to Inspect a Used Car – Lexington, KY

Not everyone can afford a new car. Sometimes getting a used car is the best way to go.

Especially if you’ve got a son or daughter who is about to turn 16 years old and get their license, you want to make sure they have a reasonable means of transportation. They’re not going to get a new car that day, but you don’t want to give them an unreliable used car that has been through the ringer.

That’s why it’s important, whether the car is intended for you or someone else, to inspect the used car and give it a test run before fully committing to it.

With that said, here are the best ways to inspect a used car before buying one.

Check the Tread On the Tires

You wouldn’t want to drive a car without having good tires. It’s important to make sure the tires are in good shape, rather than rushing to your nearest tire shop and purchase a barrel of money for new tires. If the tread is good and there’s good traction, then you’re fine.

Be Aware of Loose Compartments and Doors

You’ll go look at the car with your friendly salesperson before taking it for a test drive, but you should take a look at any loose ends. Is the trunk not closing all the way? Is the hood of the car jammed? How about the back doors? There are plenty of things that need to be checked out that could also diminish the value of the car. Make sure you’re getting the best deal for your buck.

See If It Starts Properly

This seems self-explanatory, but you’ll know if the car isn’t firing up right away. It may look like the best used car on the lot, but performance is better than looks 100 times out of 100. If there’s any engine trouble or start-up trouble, move on and look for something else. It’s not worth it.


Fortunately, your friendly Lexington Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram dealership wants to ensure you’re taken care of when it comes to a used car. There are plenty of great deals on used vehicles, like a Ford Escape SE EcoBoost, for example. There are plenty of options to choose from when you’re shopping for a used vehicle in Lexington!