Grab the Chips: 3 Best Dips For Your Fourth of July Party – Lexington, KY

Dips make everything better. Those bland tortilla chips you had lying around? No longer, because you went out and bought some really good dip.

But it’s always a struggle. Which dip should you get? Are you in the mood for onions or seafood? What about avocado or spinach? It’s really more of a complicated decision than it should be, especially when you’re not sure what dips even taste better.

It’d be more difficult to do a power ranking of what dips are better, since you can’t go wrong with either one. But if you’re at the store and run into this problem, just grab all of the dips on this list and go home happy. Here are the best dips for your Fourth of July party:

Onion Dip

A classic dip that could go with almost any chip, except the flavored ones like barbecue and sour cream and onion. Lipton provides a great onion dip mix that, if prepared just right, will be good for any occasion. And it can also be used for an afternoon snack.

Spinach Dip

This is especially for those that like using pita chips. Other than hummus, there isn’t really a use for pita chips but spinach dip. It’s creamy enough to not taste like a mushed vegetable, and it’s healthy enough to keep wanting more. There’s a Freudian slip somewhere in there.

Crab Dip

Now we’re talking. Fish and chips, quite literally. Crab dip is awesome and you’ll feel like you’re living in Baltimore. There’s no way you can go wrong with that.


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