3 Common Sense Tips To Get The Most Out of Your Summer Vacation – Lexington, KY

Summer vacations can either be something you and your family remember fondly or the thing of nightmares that you will never forget. Whether you and your family are headed off to visit grandma or to one of the many popular vacation spots this country has to offer, let Glenn’s Freedom Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram help you out with these 3 common sense tips to get the most out of your summer vacation.

Vehicle prep 

Make sure your vehicle is in tip top shape before you hit the road this summer.  Things like checking the oil, checking tire pressure and tread wear, and topping off vital fluids are all easy but important things that you can take care of well before your planned departure. Also remember to stop immediately and get check out any warnings lights as soon as they appear.  To schedule a service for your vehicle please contact the service department to set an appointment at .

Plan activities

Make sure the kids have plenty to do while they’re sitting in the car so they don’t get all squirmy and increasingly loud – thus interrupting your peaceful journey down the road. Planning activities to keep them entertained will be well worth the investment playing games like the alphabet game or 20 questions can keep them engaged and quiet and possibly save you from the dreaded phrase, “are we there yet? are we there yet?”

Enjoy the journey

Remember to slow down and enjoy the beautiful landscapes as they pass by, vacations can be really stressful if you aren’t prepared so take the time to plan your route making sure to account for fuel stops and drive breaks.  There is a reason it is illegal for truck drivers to be on the road for more than 11 hours in a single day, it’s dangerous and unhealthy. Make sure to take frequent breaks and enjoy your time on the road.

No matter where your vacation plans take you this summer with a little common sense and some planning you can turn a potential nightmare into a wonderful memory you and your family will be talking about for years to come.